In the 21st Century, new generations need to develop learning, literacy, and, mainly, life skills to succeed in the Information Age.  One of those skills is learning other languages, and although English is not the most spoken language in the world, it is considered and used as a lingua franca to communicate back and forth (by any means) with others around the globe. Therefore, mastering the universal language provides better academic, professional, and employment opportunities.  

Being aware of nowadays necessities and requirements, English language learning at Liceo Javier is focused on providing students the use of functional language in context and in-depth content understanding.  Therefore, the language learning journey conveys the use different methodologies, depending their English level, practicing the four skills (productive and receptive,) and placing students strategically according to the Common European Framework -CEFR-.   This journey allows our students to manage the language efficiently and effectively, being ready to face the challenges of today´s world and to succeed as productive global citizens. 

Marlene Fajardo